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Why are Mollusks important?

You maybe be asking yourself, why are mollusks so important? Well we’re going to answer that. First of all, people love to eat mollusks. Clams, Mussels, Oysters, and Scallops are all part of the Mollusk phylum. I’m sure everyone reading this has had atleast one or two mollusks to eat in their lives. Mollusks are important to humans as well as other animals as food. Some shells are a major source of calcium for some birds. The consumption of mollusks goes back centuries. Indeed, humans found a way to use oysters to increase the food supply indirectly: The crushed shells attract micro-organisms that kill the nematodes that are agricultural pests. Mollusks also nourish humans culturally. Rare and beautiful shells have been prized throughout history and many are still extremely valuable to collectors. In some early cultures mollusk shells served as money. Humans are undoubtedly more harmful to mollusks than the reverse.


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